The fuel stays in the right tank

Lagoudakis GmbH counteracts diesel theft with telematics from Rosenberger Telematics

Lagoudakis GmbH in Nuremberg analyses the condition of the fuel tank in real time - thefts of fuel from their own ranks is successfully prevented.

Almost every employer has a few black sheep in his company. Often these are only phases that are tolerated by many entrepreneurs. At Lagoudakis GmbH we this was a different story since there were employees who costed the company several thousand euros through fuel theft. In order to solve this problem purposefully and to avoid to put anybody under general suspicion the decision was to use telematics for fuel control.

Nikolaos Lagoudakis, CEO of Lagoudakis GmbH, explains in an interview that at some point excessive fuel consumption was recorded in his company. Quantities of diesel which could no longer be explained by a bad driving style. A problem that many transportation companies suffer since it is not uncommon for some people to help themselves at night the tank of large vehicles. At Lagoudakis GmbH, however, this was found in 2011 regularly so that the only conclusion that could be drawn from this was that his own employees had hands on the tank.

Individual cases cause high damage

Of course, Lagoudakis was aware that by no means all his staff were aware of this problem but that there were a few " black sheep " among them. It was therefore necessary to counteract to them precisely in order to put an end to the expensive theft. All this, however, without intervening the privacy of the employees. "That was the moment when we decided to use a special telematics system " said Lagoudakis.

The much-needed technology

A system was thus required which checks the tank of its vehicles in real time and registers as soon as an unnatural amount of fuel is extracted. Shortly after having started the search, it was clear that the market for such a solution was surprisingly manageable.
One of Lagoudakis' special requirements was that the system took the data directly from
the tank: "Most suppliers work with the data provided by the truck's on-board computer
and these were too imprecise for us because we checked this and found too large
We had serious problems finding a supplier who had such a solution in their portfolio",
explains Lagoudakis. Many manufacturers therefore had to refuse. Others, on the other
hand, offered him to develop a solution for this together. But Lagoudakis was not
enthusiastic about the amount of work and time involved for this development work.

Experience in the construction industry

At some point they found the Rosenberger Telematics GmbH. One of the few providers,
which offered mature solutions precisely for this purpose. Systems for prevention of diesel theft have long been called for in particular in construction companies and Rosenberger Telematics has already been prepared in 2011 to meet these requirements. This fact could now of course also be taken into account by Lagoudakis GmbH. After an extensive test phase, the decision was made to install this solution.


Assisting with advice and action

The installation of the Rosenberger Telematics Telematics started in 2012 and was
monitored "excellently at all times" by the provider. "Whenever we had questions or
requested help with the system, Rosenberger Telematics was assisting immediately. Also, if I wanted small changes in the representations in the system or the export of the data, this was implemented immediately," says Lagoudakis.

The advantages of positioning

At Rosenberger Telematics Telematik, this was also accompanied by position of the
vehicles. This is an advantage that is shown especially when communicating with customers. To know at any time where the goods are and to be able to estimate when they will be delivered to the customer ensures a high degree of transparency for the recipient.
Furthermore, Lagoudakis stated that also the pure fuel consumption of the vehicles

could be optimized". The efficiency of our tours has also improved," says the CEO of Lagoudakis GmbH. He suspects that this is due to the fact that he can see exactly how much fuel is being used along the transport routes and the drivers are trying very hard to keep it low.


In every interview we ask the user specifically for criticism - after all experiences with
his/her telematics provider, which they consider to be in need of improvement. In answer
to this question, Lagoudakis thinks a few seconds and says in the end. "There is nothing.
Whenever I wanted any changes or had any questions about the system, we were helped so quickly that I simply have no reason to criticize anything. I am satisfied. "
When we asked how he sees the value of the telematics solution, the entrepreneur
answered: "I have the data I need every day at hand in very short time. When today other
telematics providers call and offer me their solutions, I can reject them with a clear
conscience. "


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