Turning old into new in two ways

Merlin Group modernize their processes with Rosenberger Telematics

Obsolete system for recording vehicle data replaced by modern real-time solution -
Uncomplicated telematics system for the Merlin Group's renovation company in Herrieden.

Telematics is a well-known technology for the Merlin Group based in Herrieden. The value of vehicle data has been known there for a long time. Particularly in the evaluation of the driven route to billing. The problem is that the telematics system used does not have any possibility of remote data transfer and therefore no real-time data acquisition. That this is quite backward in modern times, was well known to Robert Becker, CEO of Merlin Group. And that's how he did what his company does best: modernize.

Start of modern fleet management
Robert Becker was particularly interested in the possibility of reading data remotely.
Information about driving and working times and, for example, the position of the vehicles
should be sent in real time to the headquarters. Web interfaces would thus be an important
foundation stone for an efficient fleet management. "Also an easy operation was important to us right from the start," explains Becker. As different employees work with the system, an intuitive system makes everyday life of course easier. This is how Robert Becker and his team looked at different solutions. They finally followed the recommendation of the telematics specialist ght GmbH from Nuremberg and decided for the solution provided by Rosenberger Telematics.

The Merlin Group consists of various companies that focus on painting work, renovation and concrete maintenance. Obsolete objects will be restored to their former condition. The same was necessary for the company itself some time ago. The same was necessary for the company itself some time ago, says Robert Becker, CEO of Merlin Group.

The end of prehistoric telematics
The system, which was previously used at the company in Herrieden, recorded the vehicle
data, but did not send it to the control center. Instead, they were stored locally in the
vehicles. If the fleet manager wanted to obtain this information, he had to read it out via a
chip in the vehicle and then be transferred to the software of the control center. Still better
than rough handwritten information from the driver but far from what is possible today.
However, since Robert Becker knew about the technological progresses, he took the
decision to exchange his telematics system for a state-of-the-art solution.

The subtle difference to the transport industry
Merlin Group is not about transporting goods from one place to another. As a craft business, services are provided directly at the customer's premises.
A typical order management with order acceptance, confirmation and completion is therefore superfluous for Robert Becker. However, certain functions outside of the time recording were also advantageous for him:

"If we have an order in Hamburg and we have currently have an employee in Buxtehude, we can instruct him and do not have to, for example,send someone from Berlin. This is of course a considerable advantage for our

PILOT GPS 4000.jpg

Reliable installation performance
If a vehicle fleet is equipped with telematics, this always also requires the installation of hardware and software. Depending on the industry, the range of functions and the quality of the technicians, this can sometimes be more, sometimes less problematic. At the Merlin Group, the Rosenberger Telematics partner ght GmbH was responsible for the installation and integration of the system. Six vehicles could be equipped on one day. Also the adjustment of the system was done by ght, which according to Becker "did a reliable job".

Start of work with the new solution
For five to six years, the Merlin Group used a GPS positioning solution, which has been replaced. Understandably, a completely new system here requires a certain readjustment.  For this there were trainings from Rosenberger Telematics, which according to Robert Becker were very helpful: "It was a completely different system, so it was a good thing that the employees were trained." Becker also praises the service and support as well as the direct contact person, who is available for all questions.

Working time recording 'over the air'
All data for a correct time management are now available at any time

by the Rosenberger Telematics telematics. This makes it possible to

see where the vehicles are located, how long they are on the road and what working time was required by the customer. All data
will be sent directly to the head office. There they are compared to the worklists of the employees.

These transparent processes are of great value to Robert Becker. Although the system can be used to, for example, also read the fuel consumption, but this function is hardly used in Merlin Group. "We do not see much of a potential for savings here, as our services
are used at where the customer is and not on the streets of Germany.

The switch to the new telematics solution has been worth it for the Merlin Group, says Robert Becker. With the data, working times can be tracked transparently and the positioning of the vehicles also offers clear advantages for customers. To the question, whether the telematics system is final for him at the current stage or whether he wants to take advantage of further possibilities, Becker explains: "What it looks like at the moment:
Yes. What will happen in the future "I don't know yet" and sums up: "The decision in favor of Rosenberger Telematics was the right one."


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