Temperature and position analysis for refrigerated transport

according to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Telematics solution from Rosenberger Telematics GmbH adapts the temperaturecontrolled transports of the Schuoler AG to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Refrigerated transport equals refrigerated transport and means transporting goods from A to B and at the same time to maintain a certain temperature range. With special trailers or transport vehicles actually a usual and a daily business. But it is not as simple as it seems.
More and more often customers demand an exact documentation of the transport – certainty about the position and temperature and condition of the goods. Especially for pharmaceutical transports this is a prescribed requirement.

Schuoler AG has a long tradition. In 1932, the Swiss company has been founded and has adapted over the years to the constantly changing requirements. One of which was the challenge of pharmaceutical transports. The CEO of Schuoler AG, Freddy Schuoler, has also been active in this field for many years and ensures with his company a reliable handling of his orders. But of course, his company also had to adapt to the different changes over time.

Telematics as a necessity
The transport of perishable goods is a small challenge for logistics experts -

one challenge that is basically solved with special cooling devices.

Nevertheless, failures of the technology can of course occur.
These can render the goods unusable within a very short time.

If this lack of quality with food can be noted quickly, it is not so easy with

medicines. If the recipient of the goods detects defects which can be due to

improper storage, the logistics expert must be able to
provide detailed information on the data of the respective shipment.

Telematics offers valuable support here..

Seamless transport analysis
Schuoler AG has been in the transport business for a long time and handles its

orders reliably. Nevertheless, they wanted to take advantage of the technical possibilities offered by modern telematics solutions. A telematics system which provides information about the temperatures during transport and whose data can also be presented to the customer in case of doubt, simply offered too many advantages, than that one could ignore these in the long run. The pharmaceutical industry, in particular, now frequently requires such systems as a decisive criterion when awarding contracts.

The search for the right solution
When the decision for such a system had been made, Freddy Schuoler

compared several suppliers and their solutions. He remained stuck with

a system that was a free distribution company which specialized in telematics.

At this time, Schuoler was not yet aware of that this solution came from

Rosenberger Telematics GmbH, but he was quickly interested and
convinced by the system after a test phase lasting several weeks.

So much that he equipped half of its fleet of 18 vehicles with the solution of

this distribution company. These were vehicles carrying out pharmaceutical


Installation and support by Rosenberger Telematics
The installation of the system took "two to three hours on average per

vehicle," reports Schuoler.
The installation was carried out by a Rosenberger Telematics installation partner. Freddy Schuler, however, discovered one flaw shortly afterwards: The service and support of the distribution company from which he had obtained the solution left a lot to be desired in some places - when Rosenberger Telematics found out about this, they immediately offered to take over the service itself. And like this the problem could be solved very quickly.

Service and support directly by the manufacturer

 "We have a direct contact person at
Rosenberger Telematics and also no difficulties to reach them when

we have questions", praises Schuoler the new service situation.

Thus, it took only a few months to take another step.

"We were so enthusiastic about this system that we decided to extend

the solution to all our vehicles".


The light version of a telematics system
Since the Schuoler AG wanted an absolutely simple system,

the Rosenberger Telematics GmbH could also prove its flexibility here.

Usually it offers solutions with most different sensors to determine a maximum

of data from the vehicle fleet or to automatize processes. In the case of Schuoler AG,

however, only a minimum of functions should be implemented. We don't need any alarms or anything like that. "We don't need alarms and
anything like that. All we wanted was a system that could be used to see the vehicles at all times and to check the condition of the goods," explains Schuoler. He said he had the general impression that in the telematics sector and the entire IT sector in general, solutions are being developed that are only getting more complex - but as soon as it is supposed to be simple, some vendors are stretched to their limits. However, he can confirm that Rosenberger Telematics GmbH meets these requirements easily. The advantages for Schuoler customers "If our customers ask for the status of the transport, we can always provide the current GPS position and thus also see when the vehicle will arrive. The overview of the temperature in the cold store and the status of the cooling devices also give us security during transport, as we are informed immediately in the event of faults and can react," says Freddy Schuoler.

In the end, as in every interview, it came to the question about a

conclusion, which the user could tell about the experiences with

his telematics solution. This time the final statement, however, was

brought about somewhat differently. To the simple and hypothetical

question, whether he would recommend to a friend, who is currently

looking for a similar system, the Rosenberger Telematics- solutions,

Freddy Schuoler answers briefly and concisely: "I would that in good

conscience". Since Rosenberger Telematics took over his company as

its customer, he said he was completely satisfied and that he was

future-proof in the competition of transport industry.


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