Winter service solution ensures legal certainty and fulfills recording obligation

Rosenberger Telematics - Telematics keeps municipal vehicles and winter service vehicles from Steiner & Praschl in view


What are the biggest worries of a winter road clearance service? First of all, of course, to process all reported orders in good time and to quickly ensure free roads and paths. Until now, this worked without telematics - even if it was a bit complicated. A large thorn in the
flesh of many winter services are actually complaints of pedestrians, who claim to have injured themselves on a slippery road and accuse the winter road maintenance service of not having done its work. It always took a lot of time and nerves to have the innocence clearly proven.
In order to avoid such situations, Steiner & Praschl needed a system that delivers exact position data of its vehicles to within a few meters. In addition, the company needed the documentation together with further information to determine the status of the vehicle
(ignition, snow shovel, spreading device, speed, etc.). The operation should be kept simple and run automatically in the vehicles.

Applied solution

The Rosenberger Telematics GmbH shows that this stress is absolutely unnecessary before the court with its telematics system for winter services, which has already been successfully applied several winters at the customer STEINER & PRASCHL.
"For almost two years now, the telematics system of Rosenberger Telematics is on a perfect stand for us. A great system has been developed which not only allows us to keep an overview of our vehicles at all times, but also to be able to prove the position to within a few meters".

It works as follows: our vehicles are on their way and if a new order comes in, a 'coordinator' can directly supervise the driver who can be at the site the fastest via a tablet.
One no longer has to make a phone call. This reduces order management times enormously", says Christoph Hauser.
In the last adjustment, the frequency was increased in which the GPS points were recorded. They are now reported every three seconds. In addition, the system gives information on whether the shovel on the top or bottom of the vehicle, the spreader device is on or off and whether the ignition is switched on.


When the data had to stand up in court for the first time, the judge let the police evaluate it- with the result that "this information cannot be manipulated," explains Hauser and adds: "Since then we have been able to clearly prove that we are always reliable in our work".
The unpleasant discussions with some persons hardly robs the businessman's nerves. In addition, a lot of time is saved since the disposition always ensures an exact overview of the own fleet so that new orders can be placed more easily.

Steiner & Praschl

Main business: cleaning of buildings, maintenance cleaning, cleaning of residential complexes, maintenance of green areas, machine cleaning, winter service

At a glance:

  • 40 vehicles with telematics

  • In use since: 2012

  • Essential functions:

    - Tracking and tracing
    - Customer administration



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