Condition Monitoring

Reduce your maintenance costs easy and reliable

Case study "Condition Monitoring"

Easy Predictive Maintenance


Would you like to increase the capacity of your special and heavy vehicles?
Would you like to record the technical operating data of your assets automated?
Would you like to gain information about the correct handling of your vehicles? Is some data missing in this area for your decision making?
With our INDUSTRY solutions, we create transparency for your vehicles or assets reliable at any time.

The GPS system including diverse data from sensors of your machines, supports you to use your fleet with max. efficiency. The result is an easier implementation planning and evaluations about availability, capacity, etc.

Prevent theft of unpermitted use.

Everything in sight

Exact position of your vehicles in real time

Save working time

Fully automated and complete data recording

Protection of the assets

Alerting at unpermitted moving or leaving of the location

Automated reporting

Forgery-proof, complete recordings

in a timely manner

Uncomplicated & comfortable

The GPS system INDUSTRY was designed for special vehicles, heavy vehicles and rail vehicles of all size. Independent from age and manufacturer of the machines / vehicles the required data will be produced for the monitoring. We rely on proven technology to guarantee a flawless operation.

The Telematics unit installed in the vehicle with M2M SIM card determines via satellite the exact position of the vehicle.

Via additional sensors (subsequently installed, digital or analogous taken from the special machine) we automatically record your required and pre-set data and transmit them via mobile communications to the certified calculation center.

Via the online portal, you have access to your information and can evaluate them at any time. With this you have the data base for your decisions constantly in real time in the areas maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Adjusted to your requirements

Frim simple GPS localization, tire pressure monitoring, pothole detection or rail breakage detection using crash sensor system via implementation time documentation, driver identification system up to order management using automated communication between
driver and disposition.

Localization & fleet management

A permanent localization of vehicles with display of the distance travelled
and automated driver identification

Automated reporting

Creation of automated reports of data

from the machine and the sensors order

Order management for disposition

An integrated solution for an automated communication between disposition and



  • Around the clock from anywhere you will receive an overview of where your machines and vehicles are currently located, independent if they are being operated or not.

  • The graphic depiction of the driving times in combination with the route on the map shows exactly which vehicle in which time frame and how fast it was.

  • As soon as your vehicle arrives or leaves a determined area you will immediately receive an e-mail or SMS alerting message.

GPS Location & Alerting

Easy vehicle administration

Administer, analyze and control all implementations of your special vehicles stress-free.

  • By the identification via RFID chip or iButton you always know which employee drove which machine how long.

  • A personalized, electronic and forgery proof NFC label on each driver’s license of the fleet user enables an electronic driver’s license check directly in the vehicle.

  • The system ensures reliable reports for billing or accounting.

Interested in stress-free fleet management?


Automated reporting at the push of a button

Provide all relevant data automated to your employees, workshops and responsible personnel for their decisions. You can thus increase the productivity in involved departments.

Then you are right with us!

No Problems
  • Recordings in a timely manner and complete

  • Complete and automated documentation of all sensor data

  • Forgery proof

  • Locked shape

  • Fixed and invisible installation


Everything under control
  • Additional automated recording of all data of the sensors

  • Relief of the administrative documentation specifications

  • Fully automated transmission of the data via GSM to the online portal

  • From anywhere and anytime access to your data

  • Extensive statistics for all recorded sensor data and travel information of all your vehicles and machines (PDF, XLS, CSV)

  • Easy and comfortable operation of the web based software without installation effort

Proof in cold print

You receive all work and route times and always know exactly how much time will be
required for a respective order.

By the also delivered sensor data you can plan and coordinate maintenance work better.

Thanks to live localization function you have the overview about the current location and status of your vehicle.

In a timely manner and forgery proof

By the complete recording of all relevant data our INDUSTRY solution is perfectly suited for the monitoring of special and heavy vehicles. Our systems can be installed subsequently and thus are independent from manufacturers.


Immediate communication between

driver and central office

Keep track of your orders, reduce administrative costs and increase your customer service.

The connection between the telematics device and the Garmin navigational system the bidirectional communication between the driver and the central office, like for example remote transmission of destinations, exchange of text messages as well as order and
vehicle information.

  • The disposition can report a destination address and the planned fulfillment date in the online portal and send it to the assigned driver. The driver receives the message to his
    navigational system in the cockpit and can take over the destination, calculate the route and save.

  • You have the possibility to filter the entire view of the orders to respective criteria (such as status and type of messages) as well as creating customer specific Excel reports at any time.

Interested in smooth driver communication?

Why INDUSTRY solution?

The decision for Rosenberger Telematics was right.

The repair of the tires used to take one fourth of the maintenance costs. The fine sensor system helps us to detect maintenance requirement early.

The ROI of the project was under 2 years. These advantages of course also mean an advantage for our customer VOEST.

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