Level measurement for
mobile silos

Efficient silo utilization

through online level data

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SILO Flyer

Better planning and significant reduction of logistics costs


What quantities of the material are still in the silo?
How can the logistic costs of the silo transport be optimized?
How often do you ask yourself these questions?

With the latest solution for level measurement of silos, these problems can be easily solved.

In addition to GPS position, temperature or location (standing / lying) of your silo, there will be the current fill level and bulk quantities transmitted.

So you always stay up to date and can react immediately.

The result? More efficient silo utilization and significant reduction in logistics costs!

Everything under control

Exact location and position of your silo (standing / laying)

Quality control

Monitoring the temperature during processing of the material

Efficient silo utilization

Automatic determination of the level and weight of the material in the silo

Reduction of investment expenses

Due to more efficient silo utilization, lower number of silos required

Optimized disposition

Automatic notification when the level of the silo is low

Less maintenance

No damage from stone throwing, knocking, etc. on the silo


Installation of SILO GPS 8000

The radar level sensor is installed by using the Rosenberger Service App.

Installation is started by scanning a QR code on the product.

The technician is guided through the necessary assembly steps using the app.

At the end of the installation process, a fully automatic function test and an empty measurement to calibrate the radar sensor are carried out.


First activation of the SILO GPS 8000

Activation of the sensor also takes place with the help of the Rosenbergs Service App.

Operation is fully automatic. The messages are transmitted according to the agreed interval (time, day of the week, month, movement profile).


Online monitoring and management
To see the position data and information of the fill level of your silo you just need   a PC or a mobile device with internet access.

In just 3 steps to the digital silo!

Quality - made in Germany

The intelligent radar sensor SILO GPS 8000 from Rosenberger has been specially developed for level measurement of bulk materials in mobile silos.

Designed, tested and produced in Germany.


Reliable radar technology
Accurate measurements independently of environmental conditions, temperature variations and material stocks.

Energy self-sufficient & durable
No external power source required.
Battery capacity up to 10,000 messages.
Interchangeable Power Pack.

High protection class: IP 67 (dust and water proof).
Operating temperature: - 40 ° C to + 70 ° C.
Pressure silo: up to 6 bar continuous pressure.

Future-oriented data transmission
4G (LTE Cat. 1) with fallback to 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM).

Automated installation process
Installation by using innovative Serive App from Rosenberger.

An integrated diagnostic function ensures that every installation step is carried out with the necessary care.

All data in one place

The representation of a complex logistics chain can be easily realized with our

modern IoT platform - Commander!

Always up to date - in real time

In addition to the regular GPS location determination, all relevant silo data are transmitted and displayed in a clear form on the dashboard:

  • Enviroment temperature

  • Material volume

  • Material weight

  • Height of the fill level

  • Position of the silo (standing / lying)

As required, all data can be forwarded to your existing ERP / process control system via an interface.

Data from a heterogeneous vehicle fleet
in one place

SILO GPS 8000 fits seamlessly into the overall product range of Rosenberger Telematics.

The "networking" of your mixed fleet (silo, trucks with the digital tachograph, trailers for silo transporters, cars, etc.) can be implemented without any problems.

The result: full transparency of your entire fleet and a significant reduction in logistics costs.

Are you interested in digitizing your silo?

Manage, analyze, benefit

Comprehensive functions allow you to react faster and more efficiently:

  • Avoid incorrect and empty trips due to online fill level information

  • Automatic alerting e.g. at a low battery level, position change material / the silos, etc.

  • Automatic determination of the time spent of the silo by customers / on construction sites

With our solution you can locate your wagons worldwide – once or several times per day – via GPS and be informed when the wagon reaches the destination. This enhances your disposition,
maximizes the availability of your wagons and significantly improves the quality of the rendered services.



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