CEplus secures the property and offers protection against fuel junk

January 4, 2013

Cost-conscious, reliable digital security: invisible and silent it triggers a "silent alarm" whenthieves are tampering with vehicles and equipment.


Berlin, January 2013 (kkk). The many beautiful holidays are unfortunately already behindus, but not everyone combines free days with peace and a good feeling. Owners,especially those of mobile construction sites, are often confronted with a nasty surprise onthe following working day. Nothing works anymore on the construction site. Only whenstarting the vehicles and devices fuel theft is noticed, because one does not see if a tank isfull or empty. Important time is lost and the perpetrators are then usually already longgone. In addition to the cost-intensive construction site stop, the annoyance and thenecessary procedure, which the the filing of a complaint with the police involves, theprosecution of such a theft is very difficult, since the thieves and the fuel have long beengone.Silent alarm in case of fuel theft: Christian Meschnig, CEO of CEplus GmbH in theAustrian city of Timelkam, knows these problems only too well from his customers, ofwhom he takes care in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. His company, among otherthings, offers telematics solutions which indicate the theft of fuel and report it silently in realtime.

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