Telematics secures property and offers protection against fuel theft

15 to 20 fuel thefts = value of a middle class car

Cost-conscious, reliable digital security: invisible and silent it triggers a "silent alarm" whenthieves are tampering with vehicles and equipment.

Berlin, January 2013 (kkk). The many beautiful holidays are unfortunately already behindus, but not everyone combines free days with peace and a good feeling. Owners,especially those of mobile construction sites, are often confronted with a nasty surprise onthe following working day. Nothing works anymore on the construction site. Only whenstarting the vehicles and devices fuel theft is noticed, because one does not see if a tank isfull or empty. Important time is lost and the perpetrators are then usually already longgone. In addition to the cost-intensive construction site stop, the annoyance and thenecessary procedure, which the the filing of a complaint with the police involves, theprosecution of such a theft is very difficult, since the thieves and the fuel have long beengone.

Silent alarm in case of fuel theft: Christian Meschnig, CEO of CEplus GmbH in theAustrian city of Timelkam, knows these problems only too well from his customers, ofwhom he takes care in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. His company, among otherthings, offers telematics solutions which indicate the theft of fuel and report it silently in realtime. While the thief still thinks he is safe, the security service or the police are already atthe scene of the crime, or at least on the road. Especially in these times, desperatecustomers often call CEplus and describe such and similar situations. It is not onlyChristian Meschnig who observes that with rising fuel prices burglaries and thefts are alsoincreasing. He has observed that the criminals are becoming more audacious. “Especiallyat this time of the year, when the construction industry is already financially on thin ice,burglaries and thefts are more than just annoying." Meschnig brings it to the point: "If youconsider that 15 to 20 such thefts already have the value of a middle class car, then itbecomes clear which economic loss these companies will then have to bear. And there'shardly any prospect of that to ever get the stolen goods back." The statistics also show aquestionable form of of organized crime.

Fuel theft – costs are enormous

For example, more and more transport vehicles which are parked on parking lots for ashort time, are the targed and are then simply "filled up empty". "The theft of fuel from acommercial vehicle with a tank volume of 800 liters goes into the thousands", ChristianMeschnig explains the dimensions of such an audacious theft. However, his developmentdepartment is working very successfully on it to spoil the thieves' actions. "Our special fuelsafety module is designed for the toughest applications and reacts as soon as the fuellevel sinks above-average speed. The alarm silently reaches the injured party or person onduty, i.e. it is not recognizable to the perpetrator, in real time: via SMS or phone call.However, the messages can also be sent directly to the police. With IP68 + IP69K we offerthe highest protection class, which is suitable for high pressure or steam jet cleaning is."

Who can and should afford this telematics solution?

"Anyone who wants to protect their property can and should buy such a system", explainsthe CEO. "It costs a tank filling, so to speak. Our customers, who have opted for thissolution emphasize again and again that the security thus acquired is to be rated higher.”

Not only theft protection - CEplus telematics is versatile

The CEplus safety telematics system is on a very solid basis in terms of technologicalimplementation and also offers an additional added value, which Meschnig convincinglyemphasizes: "First of all, our systems can be used independently of manufacturers andindustries. In addition, all data is recorded without interfering with the electronics of thevehicles and machines. In addition, the users also receives the evaluations and analyses,if they wish so: from machine availability and capacity utilization over consumption data ordisposition information up to to basic information for accounting, everything is providedelectronically. We are specialized in tailor-made solutions. Where others get out, we useour system to set new standards." This was also recognized and rewarded by the jury ofexperts, which awards companies with outstanding telematics systems with the TelematikAward every year. It speaks in favor of CEplus GmbH, which was only able to receive thishighest award in 2012, which is awarded within the telematics industry. This would alreadyanswer the question of data security, but Meschnig adds: "When dealing with sensitivecompany data, it is important to emphasize the highest confidentiality and diligence. Ourcustomers include the leading companies in the construction industry. The entire knowhowof the industry leaders has been incorporated in the development of our systemsolutions. We have the right solution for almost all construction applications: from smallmachines (vibratory plates) and compressors over bucket excavators and excavationmachines to wheel loaders, graders and tippers." Information that is not unimportant forusers. If you are looking for quality and safety, this telematics provider will certainly be onthe short list for you.

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