Winter service ensures safety on the roads - CEplus for winter service workers

February 13, 2013

What are the biggest worries of a winter service? First of all, of course, to process allreported orders in good time and to quickly ensure free roads and paths. Until now, thisworked without telematics - even if it was still a bit cumbersome. A big thorn in the side ofmany winter services are actually complaints of passers-by, who claim to having hurtthemselves on a slippery street and accuse the winter service of not having done its job.


With these views, the user obtains a comprehensive overview of the situation of the
current winter service. Picture: CEplus

CEplus took up this topic, developed an industry telematics system for winter services and
integrated the exact location determination of all clearance vehicles that documented a
rock-solid fact position before customers and court.





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