TOP managers comment on data security - LogiMat 2013

March 26, 2013

Not only were interviews conducted with a large number of top telematics providers on 19and 20 February 2013 in the TV studio of the industry channel Telematik.TV. On thesecond day T.TV invited to a discussion round about data protection and transmissionpossibilities in the telematics industry in order to answer numerous questions fromreaders, among other things.



T.TV welcomed the participants:

Raimund Wagner - CEO of AMV Networks GmbH, Christian Meschnig – CEO of CEplusGmbH, Thomas Piller - CEO of Funkwerk eurotelematik GmbHThe discussion was hosted by Katharina Klischewsky, editor of the media group.

Christian Meschnig, CEo of CEplus GmbH, based in the Austrian town of Timelkam, explains the principle according to which solutions are being developed to achieve atelematics award such as that awarded to CEplus GmbH in 2012, which is also more andmore strongly represented in Germany - especially after the foundation of CEplusDeutschland GmbH and takeover of IntransID GmbH.


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