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Hamburg, 21.05.2013.

Employees who use a company car to make a short detour during working hours for theirown errands? The thought of it might cause worry lines on the forehead of someentrepreneurs. But after all, you cannot always be there and everywhere. So how to keepthe overview, without having to do much effort, but nevertheless reliable and effective,without large personnel input and corresponding costs? Having such questions on yourmind, one should think about a telematics solution. Such a system can be a remedy.

Ruwen Claus, CEO of CBT-Claus-Beton-Transport GmbH from Groß Ippener, Lower Saxony in Germany in Niedersachsen, was looking for a telematics solution for thespecialist concrete forwarder with which he had a better overview of the working timecould, "a time clock in the vehicle", but not only the one as they are known from ancienttimes. The data from the telematics system in the vehicle should be easily transferred tothe disposition and accounting of the company, so that they can be prepared "with littleeffort" by the payroll accounting.

A compact solution exactly according to your wishes.

Claus found what he was looking for at the Austrian company CEplus. "A telematics solution was out of the question for me as a standard solution," he says. "I didn't want toshoot at sparrows with cannons" - a comprehensive system with various functions was notthe right thing for Claus, he rather wanted a telematics solution specially tailored to hisneeds. At CEplus he met attentive discussion partners. Claus finds that the consultantlistened and realized his ideas well. Of course the distance is very long - CBT is located in Northern Germany, CEplus in Austria - but this has by no means become a problem. TheCEplus consultants were often on site, recalls Claus. The installation of the devices wasalso "really great" and also "with technical problems I have felt myself very well taken careof".

Long distance no problem with customer service.

If a device was broken, it was sufficient to call Austria and inform them that a new one wasneeded. He also always had the same contact persons he could contact at any time bytelephone or by e-mail, says the CEO. In doing so, he was always able to show the way: "Iwas the one who said where the journey should go. The solution found now works"smoothly". As a first-time user of a telematics system, Claus values the quality of goodadvice at provider CEplus all the more.


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