Snow clearing at the Brenner Pass with GPS solution from Timelkam

Christian Meschnig, Reinhard Reiter (Community Gries), Mayor Karl Mühlsteiger, Phat Huynh (Telekom, v.l.). (Photo: Foto: APA-Fotoservice/Lackner)

The telematics specialist CEplus cooperates with the Telekom Austria Group.

TIMELKAM. The Telekom Austria Group MM2 and the telematics company from TimelkamCEplus present an innovative solution for winter services. The use of snow clearingvehicles can now be seamlessly realized by means of M2M (Machine-to-MachineCommunication). Position and the routes driven by the vehicles are directly recorded in adevelopment of CEplus on the vehicle and stored in a cloud solution. "This means that thecommunity can document where and when the snow has already been cleared or where ithas been spread", explains CEplus CEO Meschnig.But the small "box" from Timelkamer development - it is built in Frankenmarkt by thepartner Akatech - can do a lot more: position monitoring, route recording and vehicle theftprotection are also integrated. Companies or communities can use it in a case of liability toevidence the salt scattering and snow clearing activity and document the actual work ofthe vehicles. Sensors record a lot of data.

The Tyrolean community of Gries at the Brenner Pass relies on fully automatic recordingand documentation of their winter service. "We have chosen the winter service solution ofthe Telekom Austria Group M2M and CEplus because we get everything from a singlesource. Both the telematics hardware and sensors as well as the software", says KarlMühlsteiger, Mayor of Gries. The sensors do not only record the distance driven, but alsodetect whether the snowplow was actually on the ground and snow was clearedeffectively. Further sensors record whether salt or grit scattering was used during the trip.The data are archived for seven years and are available at any time at the touch of abutton. Anti-theft protection for quads.

The "Polar" solution of the large CEplus portfolio is only one example of many telematicsnews from Timelkam. CEplus also offers many other systems for cars, trucks, constructionmachinery, agriculture as well as a location record of containers, trains, or small machines.The most recent product which is currently being developed in the new companyheadquarters at the roundabout Pichlwang is an anti-theft device for quad vehicles.

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