We are the test winner - "Telematik-Markt" selects CEplus as the test winner in the catego

Last November CEplus passed the user test of the leading trade journal of the telematicsindustry, Telematik-Markt. The tester, the TWS Tankcontainer-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG,made the following demands on a telematics system:It should serve the process optimization and support the quality assurance, it should bereliable and ready for use for a long time and should function perfectly even at largetemperature differences.Our telematics hardware TINO was the ideal solution for this task. In addition to function oflocation determination, the system also ensures temperature monitoring of the transportedproducts in the container and the environment. The tester was also convinced by theexperience of CEplus in the development of telematics systems specifically for thecommercial vehicle industry and for construction machines. And also the simpleapplicability - the system hardly demands training effort - as well as the installation is userfriendly.Steven Stübchen from TWS confirmed this: "The execution of this work wassurprisingly easy for us.There were neither installation problems due to the weldability." The solution also enablesthe user to use the technology on all tank containers and the special equipment. StevenStübchen seems to be completely satisfied in an interview with the Telematik-Markt: "Wehad intensive discussions with CEplus, and the system presented was very convincing.We trusted in this and are still satisfied today."


The hardware used by CEplus GmbH is tamper-proof and was specially developed for theuse in construction, agriculture and forestry as well as for container tracking. It is atelematics system, which can easily withstand even harsh conditions and temperaturefluctuations. With the help of the complete CEplus solution, everyday process sequencescan be better optimized and organized. As a result, productivity and the securitymanagement significantly increase since the possibility of a more effective controlaccording to internal quality specifications can be implemented in a documentation-safemanner. In the interview, Stübchen explained with few words the experiences and finallythe decision of the company, that has been made for the CEplus telematics system: "Wehad intensive discussions with CEplus and the system presented was very convincing. Wetrusted in this and are still satisfied today."

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