Electronic driver's logbook - suitable for tax authorities

Ecovis tax advisor Hans Laimer from Landau is pleased about the benefits of his electroniclogbook. "The time needed is clearly less than with a handwritten logbook", he sums up asignificant advantage. Before he drives his car, the driver selects in the electronic versionwith three-colored buttons, which journey he wants to take: business, private or thedistance between the apartment and the office. He had a hidden keyboard mounted on thedashboard to the left of the steering wheel. "I am completely satisfied with this solution,"says the control expert, who has already installed the system since 2016.

He usually uses his car for business purposes or to get to the office. Privately he is onlyoccasionally on the road.The driver's logbook is basically filled out by the electronics with built-in GPS positioning.The technology automatically records all the relevant data for the individual routes, fromthe time of the start of the journey over the covered distances up to the arrival time. Forthis purpose, he has already saved recurring destinations and routes with the names ofbusiness customers in advance via internet. Like this, he can at any time access thecustomer data that has already been recorded including the corresponding route. For histax return, Laimer simply prints the list with all the journeys made. This also includes tripsto training events.Automatic recording and documentationElectronic applications are of interest especially for company fleets. "In addition to the taxrelevantdata, times can also be used for the arrival and departure times or the dwell timeat the respective destination can be recorded and analyzed. Pre-determined reasons forstopping and service are automatically determined by meter-precise geofencingnandrecorded in later documentaries," explained Thomas Duczek, project manager at GeranosDrive, a provider of electronic logbooks based in Bad Endorf.What is important when choosing an electronic driver's logbook? "The tax offices onlyrecognize the driver's logbooks if they are tamper-proof and revision-proof," emphasizesEcovis tax consultant Katrin Grothe in Pritzwalk. The electronics and software must beinstalled in such way that the system cannot be disconnected from the vehicle electricalsystem. Subsequent corrections can be performed using an Internet browser and are alsopermitted. "But the changes of the information already entered, such as a destination, must be made within seven days”, Hans Laimer warns, "otherwise trouble with the taxauthorities is inevitable.”


A logbook shall contain the following information, no matter whether it is kept manually orelectronically:

- Business trips: Date and mileage at the beginning and end of the trip with destination,route, purpose, time data, names of the business partners visited or the relevantabbreviation.

- Journeys between home and workplace: date, mileage at start of journey and atdestination.

- Private journeys: Here the information for the driven kilometers is sufficient.


- When is an electronic logbook recommended?

- What costs are to be expected?

- What are the advantages of electronic logbooks in a company car fleet?

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