Effects of digitization on the construction and construction machinery industry

A comprehensive telematics project in the Porr AG fleet enables the optimization of theMaintenance times by prompt and correct recording of the km status and operating hoursof construction vehicles and construction machinery.

In his function as host, MAWEV President Ing. Mag. Gerhard Egger opened the event andemphasized the need to accompany the digitization process that is also progressing in theconstruction industry by means of professional information events. As the first of threelecturers, Wolfgang Cech, MA, International Sales & Business Development Manager,Emakina Central & Eastern Europe, addressed himself under the title "Quo vadis digitaltransformation?” to the basic concepts and developments. Among other things, hedescribed a model path for organizations in this process, starting with the massiveinvestment in employee training, the creation of new structures and processes, and theintegration of a digital expert as a partner.

He explained the effects of megatrends and the resulting changes to the construction andconstruction machinery industry, for example in the areas of drone deployment, virtualreality and the Internet of Things. Cech: "For construction machinery manufacturers anddealers, full networking means, among other things, that they have the digital interfacesunder control and that they can further optimize wear part management via directmalfunction information. The advancing digitization supports them in their efforts torecognize customer needs in real time."

(from left): DI Harald Christalon (Bautechnische Applikationen, Digital Unit, Porr AG),

Wolfgang Cech, MA (International Sales & Business Development Manager, Emakina Central & Eastern Europe),

Christian Meschnig (CEO,Rosenberger Telematics)

and MAWEV-Präsident Ing. Mag. Gerhard Egger.

Digitization in a construction company

Subsequently, DI Harald Christalon, Construction Applications, Digital Unit of the Porr AG,commented on the diverse aspects of increasing digitization in the work processes of aconstruction company. First of all, the classic separation between the technician and thecommercial department becomes less important since both areas are increasinglyinterlinked. The process is strengthened due to the increasing digital requirements ofcustomers. The three levels of digitization in Porr affect existing systems (ongoingoptimization), the RoadMap 2020 (development of data supply chain, implementation ofintegrated end-to-end processes) and IT projects (e.g. special solutions for divisions). Inaddition to the standardization of processes via the life cycle of a construction project, newpartnership and cooperation models - for example in the sense of new settlement andorganizational models – count to the concrete effects. However, current trends in thedigitization of the construction industry also affect the optimization of the machine use orconstruction site logistics, intelligent components & buildings, increase in safety at workand last but not least Building Information Modeling. DI Christalon: "IT is becoming thebusiness accelerator, whereby completely new services and business models emerge.However, the digitization of the core business alone is not enough, companies also neednew business models".

Fleet management and Asset Tracking Solutions in practice

Christian Meschnig, CEO of Rosenberger Telematics, finished with a report on theimplementation of an impressive telematics project in cooperation with Porr EquipmentServices. The background was the optimization of maintenance times and the reduction ofunplanned idle times due to prompt and correct recording of km statuses and operatinghours of construction vehicles and construction machines. For this purpose severalthousand construction machines were connected to telematics systems.

"A particular challenge in this major project was the reliable display of the operating hoursand mileages of all vehicles, machines and equipment, regardless of type, manufacturer oryear of construction. Never before have we had such a complex and diverse vehicle andmachine park connected. In addition, the highest demands were placed on data protectionfor employees, reduction of installation errors and robustness of the solution. Due to theseasonal nature of the construction work, the time window for maintenance work waslimited to just a few weeks," said Christian Meschnig. The roll-out was followed by atraining of assembly staff from Porr in a train-the-trainer concept. The compleximplementation process was supported by the "Service Manager", an intelligent installationdocumentation."

The service manager consisted of the service app and the service module in the portal.This innovative mobile application guides the assembler through the individual steps ofinstallation, removal or service of Rosenberger telematics systems. All installation andremoval activities are automatically transferred to the Service Module via the Service App.An essential component of a complete telematics solution is the hardware used. Thehardware used is an essential component of an overall solution in telematics. It must meetthe individual requirements of the respective application in the best possible way.Especially in harsh construction environments, the hardware must be able to withstandvibrations, temperature fluctuations, humidity and mechanical loads. In addition, the longavailability of the systems, for example as anti-theft protection, is expected when the mainswitch is switched off.

"The Rosenberger Telematics GmbH is a specialist for industry-specific telematic solutionsfor professional applications. Our competence ranges from the development andproduction of the hardware, firmware and user software and up to installation andimplementing as well as consulting services. We accompany our clients from the initialidea over the selection of the correct hardware and software components up to theintegration into existing IT systems. We are one of the few providers on the market thatcan offer the customer everything from one source - from project consulting and hardwaredevelopment and production to software, system integration and assembly", emphasized Managing Director Christian Meschnig.

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