CEplus wins the Telematics Award 2012

"CEplus" recently won the internationally coveted "Telematics Award". With the rewarded “closed tank chain", we are not only able to monitor refueling processes, but also to effectively prevent diesel theft.

217 companies have submitted their products this year for the "Telematics Award", 36 of them were nominated for the award - including such well-known names as Blaupunkt orTomTom. The Telematics Oscar in the category M2M (machine to machine) category wasfinally awarded to the think tank CEplus from Timelkam. "Our big aim was a nomination.That we would then also win that was the over-the-top for us", Christian Meschnig andFranz Emeder, CEOs of CEPlus are happy to announce. They were awarded the glasssculpture together with the certificate and the golden plaque at the IAA CommercialVehicles Fair in Hanover. We have won the prize for our sophisticated tank system fortrucks, construction machinery and fleets of medium and large companies.The system goes far beyond codes or cards for refueling. On the taps of the mobile orstationary filling stations, an electronic device is mounted that only releases the flow of fuelif a sensor is attached to the tank that sends its electronic OK to the pump nozzle. Thedevices can communicate via RFID transponders and Bluetooth. On the one hand, onlythose vehicles can be refueled, which have an electronic authorization for it, on the otherhand, the diesel quantity is immediately and accurately transmitted to a central computervia a GPS/GSM box and registered. But the sensor in the tank can do a lot more: we canuse it at any time to check the level of the tank with a precise location. If the diesel level inthe tank drops rapidly then an alarm is triggered immediately. In this way, the increasinglyfrequent diesel thefts can be prevented. A mobile app complements the system. Thecompany boss or the fleet managers can use the CEplus sensors to track where theirvehicles are at any time, how much fuel is still in the tank or how much fuel is currentlybeing used. In addition, we also have many other innovative GPS solutions to offer: forconstruction machinery, agriculture, cooling logistics or winter service. Voest is also one ofour customers like a tank container company in Russia. It is our goal to becomeinternationally known with our systems.

"With the presentation of the Telematics Award, the organizer has taken a decisive step, tomake this fast-growing industry more visible and more perceptible for users and interestedparties. Especially in the still young telematics industry, scientists, researchers andproviders show new developments on a very high level", said Bode in his greetings.This year, only two companies from Austria were nominated for the award ceremony -among them CEplus from Timelkam (Upper Austria). The festive presentation of theTelematik Award 2012 took place on September 20, 2012 at the ConventionCenter inHanover, on the first day of the 64th IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair. The presentation ofthe Telematik Award 2012 was under the patronage of Jörg Bode, Minister of Economics,Labour and Transport of Lower Saxony and Deputy Prime Minister."Intelligent telematics applications are indispensable of today's road freight traffic. Suchapplications reduce repair and maintenance costs, personnel costs, service costs and fuelconsumption. In this way, they not only benefit the company, but also the environment andmake their contribution to the future viability of road freight traffic," said Dr. KayLindemann, Managing Director of the VDA (German Association of the AutomotiveIndustry).

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