An indispensable informant in the vehicle

In a detailed interview with TRAKTUELL, our telematics specialist - Mr. Jürgen Fazeny explains why telematics plays a key role in the transport industry.

Photo: Jürgen Fazeny, Senior Sales Manager by Rosenberger Telematics GmbH

Traktuell: IT companies are bringing more and more innovative solutions to the market inorder to increase efficiency in the transport supply chain. A big problem are empty mileageand empty runs, which are a natural consequence of increasing flows of goods. Whatpossibilities arise through modern IT solutions?

Fazeny: IT solutions in the transport industry already play a very important role today. Youonly need to historically consider, which possibilities are available in the automation ofprocesses in the logistics industry, starting with barcodes. Today, it is RFID transpondersthat cover even greater density of information and led to further, even faster, informationprocess sequences. The end of this development will probably be GPS transponderswhich come from the 3D printer. Even if for us today this kind of solution is still almostunthinkable, there are already start-ups that deal with it.

Traktuell: How do you see the further development?

Fazeny: The meaning of IT solutions will significantly increase. In connection with “ArtificialIntelligence” (AI) more and more computation-intensive processes will be made automatic.Tracking & Tracing" by telematics units will not be the leading system, but anindispensable informant who provides the decisive data. At the end of this developmentthere will be highly complex IT systems capable of controlling and directing theseprocesses.

Traktuell: What effects will autonomous driving have on the transport sector?

Fazeny: By implementing autonomous driving in the transport sector, steering and restperiods no longer play a role. This is also accompanied by highly automated platforms forthe allocation of loads between the different logistics companies. This in turn will lead to adrastic reduction in empty mileage and the number of empty runs. Telematics is used todetermine the positions of the individual load carriers, towing units and individualshipments in real time.

Traktuell: In your opinion, what potential does a stronger networking of carriers andshippers hold, i.e. the digital exchange of logistics data among each other. In particular,tracking & tracing to collect real-time information such as arrival times, available loadingcapacities, location, delays or rest periods.

Fazeny: Today's systems provide the information basis especially for dispatchers theirdecisions. In the past, it was necessary to call the driver, but today the dispatcher can usetelematics systems such as "Tacho" to receive all the data from the digital speedometer inreal time. The dispatcher sees in real time how much remaining driving time for the currentday is still present, he can see in real time when the next rest break hast to be taken andmuch more. Thus his level of information in this regard is always up to date and thus he isable to make decisions more quickly that reduce the empty mileage.

Traktuell: Goods thefts are increasing statistically. In your opinion, where are the majorsecurity problems and what possibilities are there for protecting container goodsaccordingly?

Fazeny: Our portfolio includes our battery-powered GPS tracker "Tino" for thetracking of containers. The advantage: If the container leaves a given route (geofencing)an alarm is immediately triggered and the logistics company can take appropriate action.By equipping containers with Tino, the administration can be made more time-saving, datais available in real time. The IT solution provides additional information with externalsensors - including from the inside. A light sensor also makes it possible to detectunauthorized opening of the container during transport. By a so-called crash sensor, anydamage to the goods caused by improper handling is tracked. In addition, it can bedocumented whether air humidity or temperature are maintained within certain parametersduring transport.

Author: Lukas Klamert , Traktuell

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