More time for productive work

with tacho remote download

Relief for truck drivers and disposition


Urgent customer orders, tour planning, control of the drive and implementation plans and of course compliance of the legal deadlines.

Each transportation or logistics company knows all the above mentioned very well. A lot of stress and even more red tape.

We know a way to make your every day at work easier.

Our TACHO system helps you to control and coordinate the truck fleet efficiently, to stay on top of the activities of the drivers and the disposition and to relief the administrative effort.

Efficiency increase and archiving

Automatic remote download of driver and vehicle data including archiving of all tacho data
per legal requirements

Fulfilling of the legal requirements

Compliance or Europe-wide legal requirements for drive

and rest times

Avoiding penalties

Online display of warnings and violations (for example violation

of the driving time
requirement, driving without drivers’ card)

Reduction of the work costs

Automatic determining of standstill and idle times for increasing the efficiency

Uncomplicated & comfortable

The GPS system TACHO was developed for the reading, transmitting and archiving of the tacho data and relies on proven technology to guarantee a flawless operation.
Your different vehicle models of different manufacturers and different ages will be equipped with a standardized solution.

The hardware installed in the vehicles with robust M2M SIM card for live localization

The GPS system within the vehicle records relevant data automatically and transmits via mobile communications information in real time about location, tacho data, customer visits or violations.

The online portal allows you to access your driving and vehicle information and to evaluate them.

Adjusted to your requirements

We support transportation and logistics companies with a wide range of functions: from simple GPS localization via remote readout of digital tachographs, online display of warnings and violations up to order management using automatized communication between driver and disposition. 

Archiving of the tacho data

Automatized archiving of the tacho data including different reports

Tacho Remote Download

Complete recording of digital tachograph, remaining driving times and violations in real time

Driver communication

An integrated solution for automatized communication between disposition and drivers



Your mixed truck fleet is on the road constantly and an overview of all your vehicles is almost impossible.
With TACHO it is very easy.

Monitoring of the vehicles in real time

  • Around the clock, from anywhere you will get an overview where your vehicles are located currently, independently if they are being operated or not.

  • All historic data such as travelled distances or driving times can be called anytime. Thus, you can check exactly, which driver drove with which truck, where and how long.

100 % theft protection

  • In the online portal, you can create so-called event relevant alerts and decide who will receive a notification in case of alert.

  • As soon as your vehicle arrives or leaves a determined area or it
    is operated outside of working hours you will immediately receive an e-mail or SMS altering message.

      Thus, theft, fraud and misuse can be avoided effectively

Interested in stress-free fleet management?


Remote readout of digital tachographs

  • Thanks to the safe data transmission via the mobile database you can call the driver and vehicle data of your trucks anytime in the online portal..

  • Remote Download – always possible if the vehicle is operated of standing, 24/7 even in case of ignition (dependent on installation)

  • Data can be exported in .PDF and .CSV format for further use including schedule / reminder function 

  • Readout from tachos of the manufacturers VDO and Stoneridge

Save time for drivers and dispatcher. No manual readout about distanced of the driver card in the card reader (office) required any longer. Automated data transmission "over the air"

Compliance of legal deadlines

All data of the digital tachograph will be readout automatically, in time (regulation (EWG) nr. 3821/85; VO (EG) 561/2006) or readout on demand.

  • Disposition can trace current daily and weekly driving time budget for drivers in real time

  • In the portal, the violations, also per categories !, !!, !!! depicted

  • Automated creation of the social report from detail proof and instruction protocol

Administrative work reduced

to a minimum

The administrative effort for all activities around the digital tachographs are min. 1 hou / per vehicle each month on average.
Save time for more effective work!
The system TACHO grants you full overview of your fleet and makes customer administration easier:

  • Localization display of all vehicles in real time

  • Online display of driving and rest times in real time

  • Depiction of all violations in real time

  • Printing of the social report as instruction form for drivers

  • Evaluation of the customer visits

  • Generating customer specific alarms

  • Use of the 1 minute regulation

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Immediate communication between driver and central office

Always keep track of your orders. Reduce the administrative costs and increase your customer service.

The connection between the telematics device and the Garmin navigation system allows the bidirectional communication between driver and central office like for example the remote transmission of destinations, the exchange of text messages as well as order and
vehicle information.

  • The disposition can indicate a destination address and the planned fulfillment deadline directly in the portal and send it to the assigned driver. The driver receives the message onto
    his navigational device and can take over the destination, calculate the route and save it at the push of a button.

  • You have the possibility to filter the entire view of the orders according to specific criteria (such as status and type of messages) as well as creating customer specific Excel reports.

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Why leading companies decide to work with us?

„Changes can be recognized fast. Also, theft protection and
traceability via GPS are possible, using the solution by Rosenberger
Telematics, furthermore, the early detection of machine breakdowns are

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